I’d like to welcome everyone to my new project, Pass Me the Mike. This is kind of a bare bones operation at the moment, but hopefully things will come along nicely.

I will be posting my first interview tomorrow with former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley. Now a musician in Nashville, I spoke with Turley last week about his music projects (Turley and Delta Doom), his charity work and the issue of head injuries in the NFL, as well as his view on the league’s treatment of former players.

Friday, I’ll be posting an interview with Kansas City artist Rob Schamberger, who is currently working on an art project that, when completed, will include portraits of 250 former professional wrestling world champions. Rob is an incredibly talented artist and was the first person to agree to an interview with me.

I’m working on some other things and will likely be blogging along the way, as well. Check back often!

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