That Time I Saw TERROR at a Pizza Joint in Arkansas

I’m gonna act like the last three-plus months of inactivity on the site never happened and get right on into some new content.

I was catching up on some reading earlier today and happened across THIS POST on Stuff You Will Hate. I’ll go ahead and admit that, more often than not, I have no clue what Sergeant D and his crew are talking about (the bands, the genres, the terminology, etc.), yet I’m always incredibly entertained and the comments section often brings the funny. I’m also a big fan of the man’s MetalSucks work. That being said, the Trapped Under Ice reference in the above link made me think about the time I (kinda) saw those guys on a Terror show.

Sometime in late 2008 (a quick Google search tells me it was in September), I decided to make the two-hour trek from Memphis to Little Rock when I heard Terror was playing a place called Vino’s, a pizza joint/brewpub/small concert venue.

My younger cousin was living there at the time and too young to partake in any adult beverages, so I pointed out that he was going with me and driving so I could enjoy the show with a beer in each hand the entire night. He brought along a friend of his who knew nothing about any of the bands, yet moshed all night.

We got to the joint fairly early and found a number of band members enjoying their slices. We checked out concert venue in the back of the place and I enjoyed my first beer of the evening. Beer number two soon followed as I used it to help ease the pain of a third-degree pizza cheese burn. Mouth still hurting, we returned to the back of the building, where the show was about to begin and I saw them wheeling in boxes of PBR 16-ouncers. This is where my night pretty much ended as I stayed by the bar all night long, purchasing 16-ounce beers for the same price of other 12-ounce beers. A win for me.

Trapped Under Ice went on first with (in no particular order) CDC, Death Before Dishonor and The Warriors following. Not sure if it was the beer, my inattentiveness or the music, but I literally can’t remember a single thing about any of those performances, with the exception of a shoutout The Warriors gave to Central BBQ in Memphis (not my No. 1 choice in town, but totes in my Top 3).

Terror, as always, killed it. This was my third time seeing them live, having seen them twice in two nights the year before on a kickass bill with After the Burial (who I pretty much missed seeing both nights because I had no clue who they were at the time), The Acacia Strain, God Forbid and Hatebreed. I think Evergreen Terrace might’ve been on those shows, too. I also remember nothing about them.

I remember getting Scott Vogel to sign my CD insert for Terror’s “The Damned, The Shamed” album. I also remember getting a 40 of something on the way home that I never finished. In addition to all my CDs going missing from my car, I somehow managed to wake up with a swollen uvula (never knew it was possible) the next morning. I guess the salt from the pizza, all those brews and, possibly, an open window where I was sleeping led to this. Still one of the more bizarre things that I’ve ever experienced.

So, in short: Pizza, beer and Terror make for a pretty good night out. And maybe my swollen uvula should open a show for them sometime. Thanks for the assist in my trip down memory lane, D. Go check out Stuff You Will Hate or hit him up on Twitter @stuffuwillhate.


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