Random Thoughts: CWF Mid-Atlantic’s Battlecade 14

So last night, I joined in on Team Best Dude‘s not-so-live Tweeting/viewing of CWF Mid-Atlantic‘s Battlecade 14, which was streamed for free to anyone who registered for the promotion’s video on demand service. While I had heard of a few (but not many) CWF wrestlers, I had never seen the product and boy, was I surprised.


– CWF has a great setup and building. The effort put into the appearance of the place already puts the promotion ahead of so many others.

– The four-way tag match (Rage & a Machine/Killbillies/Smith & Weston/Mid-Atlantic Outlaws) was a really fun opener that got the fans set for the rest of the show. We even got a fresh-ass moonsault/Arabian press out of Matt Houston of the Outlaws, which I NEVER saw coming.

– Chris Lea and Chet Sterling (Chet is such a fantastic name) followed two matches later and had a really solid showing in an exciting bout. Unfortunately, Ray Kandrack and Jimmy Parker were put in a tough spot following the opener and going on before this match.

– Tons of action in the Chase Dakota/Andrew Everett match. Everett hit a SICK dive and landed in the front row. Really impressive stuff from these guys. The same goes for the Cedric Alexander/Lance Lude portion of the Golden Ticket 5-way elimination match. Really, really good stuff.

– Zane Dawson has a perfect look for the role they have him in. A big dude who’s just a mean, angry ass kicker. I enjoyed his match with Shane Helms. The match even featured a surprise run-in by Jeff Hardy, who the crowd went absolutely BALLISTIC for.

– I made a comment on Twitter that Rob McBride looks like he could have a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other and never miss a beat in a match. I firmly believe this. Growing up in Arkansas, I witnessed this during a great number of activities/jobs/etc. It’s amazing. I never saw a fire or explosion from the cig and never saw a drop of brew go to waste.

– I didn’t get to see all of the no-DQ three-way dance, but I did get to see Nick Richards drop an elbow from the middle turnbuckle to the floor onto (I believe) Matthew de Nero, who was buried under a pile of chairs. I also got to see a Power Glove used in the match. Dig that.

– Goon Squad/Kamakazi Kid & Lee Valiant/Dynasty was another solid multi-team tag match. Announcers did a good job of explaining the tension with Kid/Valiant and the match really helped further their story. Like I said, I’m new to the promotion, so I was unaware of the backstories for these matches. Good work by the wrestlers and the announce crew.

– Arik Royal and Trevor Lee had one hell of a main event match and both guys looked really impressive. Announcers said Lee is only 20 years old and I think they said Everett is also 20 or 21. It’s amazing that those guys are as good as they are at that age. They’ve obviously worked really hard and have had good training/guidance. There was so much going on in this match, but Royal’s suicide dive to the floor was awesome, as was his running crossbody, which ended with Lee landing on top of Royal. They delivered in that main event spot and showed they deserved it.

– You can tell by the work on the show and the responses from everyone involved with the promotion who participated on Twitter last night that they really care about the promotion and believe in it, which is admirable. You don’t always see that. Lots of lazy, worthless bastards on the indy circuit, so it’s nice to see such a dedicated crew.

– Having a free viewing of Battlecade and inviting everyone to join in on Twitter was a brilliant move. Perfect way to gain some new fans. The CWF crew seemed to be very appreciative of the attention and the response from people watching. From what I saw, ring announcer Chasity Taylor and technical director Grant Sawyer were particularly active on Twitter during the show.

You can check out Battlecade 14 for $6.99 HERE (it’s totally worth the 7 bucks you’ll be spending). I’m planning to check out some of the other shows when I get a chance, too. Thanks to everyone at CWF and Team Best Dude for a fun evening.

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