PMTM Blog: Revisiting Living Colour’s “Stain”

Living Colour, like many bands, has always had a hard time shaking the label of being “That Band” known for “That Song.” Listen, “Cult of Personality” absolutely kicks ass, even to this day. It’s a fantastic song. Often overlooked, however, is the group’s 1993 album “Stain.”

Always good for a bitchin’ groove, Living Colour kept some of that, but went in a darker, more aggressive direction with “Stain.” I bought this CD from a used music store back in the early 2000s and really fell in love with it. I’m such a fan of Corey Glover’s vocals and these guys are all amazing musicians.

Opening track “Go Away” gives you an immediate glimpse into the anger and heaviness of the album. Other tracks like the stellar “Ignorance is Bliss,” “Mind Your Own Business,” “Leave it Alone,” “Never Satisfied” and “Nothingness” – another really great song from the album – don’t exactly put off a warm and fuzzy vibe with their titles.

The standout track for me is “Auslander,” a heavy, fast, all-out assault, which would’ve been another great choice choice for the opening slot. “Glamour Boys” it definitely ain’t.


Two tracks later, “Nothingness” goes in a completely opposite, more subdued direction, helping balance things out a bit. That break doesn’t last long, though, as “Postman” puts the album right back on its original path.

I’ve seen several reviews for “Stain,” which all seem to give it around an average score, but there’s enough good stuff here to push it past average. I dig the direction of the band’s sound here, as well as the vibe of the album. Go give it a listen.




“Go Away”

“Ignorance is Bliss”


“Leave it Alone”

(FYI: Living Colour is gonna be making an appearance on my next blog, which will feature some of my favorite live music performances. Be sure to come check that one out tomorrow!)

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