PMTM Blog: UltraMantis Black and the Wrestling/Metal Marriage


UltraMantis Black
UltraMantis Black

I was hanging out on a golf course (absolutely not playing golf) a couple of weeks ago when I received an email with a link to “West Siberian Plain,” the first track from the “UtraMantis Black” EP from UltraMantis Black, a band fronted by Chikara pro wrestler UltraMantis Black.

Got all that?! UltraMantis Black =

Pro wrestling evildoer…

Metal/hardcore band…

AND album title!

I checked out the song, which you can listen to HERE, and I imagine it to be similar to the sounds you would hear from someone being tossed into a woodchipper feet-first. In other words, I DIG IT! It’s raw, it’s noisy and I’d totally go check out the live show (If anyone from Relapse reads this, I would punch an old lady for an UltraMantis/Weekend Nachos/Toxic Holocaust/Pig Destroyer tour). If you’re expecting something similar to Chris Jericho/Fozzy, look elsewhere.

A portion of the email read, “Heavy Metal and wrestling have always been kindred spirits, but the two have never been combined in such a potent poison pill.”

That got me to thinking about the metal/wrestling combination and some of my favorite/least favorite examples. Feel free to send your examples of the tandem to or hit me up on Twitter @PMTMike.

Motorhead and WWE

The mighty Motorhead has provided two theme songs – “The Game” and “King of Kings” – for Triple H and “Line in the Sand” for Evolution, which also includes Triple H.

While none of the songs are on the level of “Ace of Spades” (most songs aren’t), “King of Kings” stands out above the rest to me. It’s impossible to hate Motorhead, so I’m a fan of their contributions professional wrestling.

The Roadies and the Scrapers

One of the most notable instances of wrestling and metal coming together involves the Road Warriors’ use of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” as their entrance music.

While “Iron Man” and the Road Warriors made a great team, another duo had an even better metal entrance theme – the Skyscrapers.

What do you do to make two giant ass-kickers even more intimidating? Give them an awesome theme song like “China White” by the Scorpions.

I’m not even a huge Scorpions fan or anything, but this song rules. Dat bass and dat riff were perfect for a couple of monsters like Sid Vicious and “Dangerous” Dan Spivey. A+ theme song selection.

The Dying Days of WCW

What was the best thing about World Championship Wrestling’s “Thunder” TV show in the company’s latter years? The theme song, because the wrestling sure didn’t matter by that point.

Slayer’s “Here Comes the Pain” appeared on 1999’s “WCW Mayhem: The Music” compilation and served as the “Thunder” theme for the last year-plus of the promotion’s existence. The song would later appear on Slayer’s 2001 album “God Hates Us All.”

During this time period, WCW also used a version of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” for Sting’s theme and, unfortunately, Megadeth’s terrible “Crush ‘Em” for Goldberg’s theme. Also, let us not forget about KISS and the KISS Demon.

As you can see and hear, the WCW crowd’s reaction to “Crush ‘Em,” while less than enthusiastic, was still better than my own – an involuntary, violent bowel movement in my pants after watching and listening to this the other day for the first time since it aired.


Southern punk rockers ANTiSEEN have included pro wrestling in their music for years. “Cactus Jack” appeared on 1993’s “Eat More Possum” and songs about Sabu, Terry Funk, Invader I and Abdullah the Butcher, as well as other wrestling-related tracks, would follow.

In 2012, ANTiSEEN released “Falls Count Anywhere,” a collection of the band’s wrestling songs. The album also included an exclusive cover of “Badstreet USA.” Aside from the group’s studio output, its live shows have been known to include their fair share of blood, barbed wire and brutality. Check out this awesome video of ANTiSEEN performing while Mad Man Pondo (Sporting a ponytail!) takes on Bull Pain (I believe) in 1996.


From the moment ECW went extreme, the company made use of metal throughout the promotion. For years, the intro to the “Hardcore TV” show included White Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss ’65,” and whether it was Rob Van Dam (Pantera’s “Walk”), Taz (KISS’ “War Machine” – As heard in the video below), the Sandman (Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”), Jerry Lynn (Fear Factory’s “Scapegoat”) or others, ECW brought the metal (and hip-hop, for that matter).

A few of my personal faves include Axl Rotten using Marilyn Manson’s “Cake and Sodomy,” Sabu using Fight’s “Little Crazy” and Justin Credible coming out to Prong’s “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck.”

Dishonorable Mentions

“Heavy Metal” Van Hammer

Man Mountain Rock

Test’s debut as Motley Crue’s “bodyguard”

Honorable Mentions

Living Colour performing “Cult of Personality” for CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29

The Blue World Order imitating KISS at ECW The Doctor is In

This guy….

For more information on UltraMantis Black, visit his website, Chikara’s website and Relapse Records’ website.

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