Indie Wrestling Archive Match of the Week: The Briscoe Brothers vs. Dixie and Insane Dragon

I’ve actually managed to update this feature two weeks in a row. Progress continues!

For this week’s match, we go back to March 24, 2001. Jersey All Pro Wrestling was running Viking Hall, which up until the beginning of 2001 had been known as the ECW Arena. The opening match featured The Briscoes (Mark and Jay) as teenagers taking on Insane Dragon and Dixie.

This is actually a really fun match. If you like flips, this one’s for you. Insane Dragon’s leap from atop the entrance was stupid crazy. You’ll also want to check out the sweet graphics used in this video. Great stuff. Even in 2001 at such a young age, The Briscoes were already showing the talent that would make them Ring of Honor mainstays and has kept them there over the years.

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